Monday, December 18

Polish Specialities

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I’m originally from Poland but I’ve been living in UK for more than 6 years. I like everything that is connected to these two countries. Well, when you’re living abroad you can either be nostalgic or you can try to get the best of the other culture. I went for the second option…As Polish are rather patriotic people, myself included, we’re very happy to hear positive opinions about our country. By chance I’ve found an interesting article about a chef who describes his eating adventure in Poland. I think it’s a good piece of advice for those who like travelling and have their senses open for new experiences. After trying airplane catering, for sure you’ll be glad to land in “Warszawa” where you can discover a new word of mouth watering dishes…

As the other author mentioned, Poland offers a wide variety of dishes. The cuisine is mostly based on soups, potatoes and meat. In general, the food is well collaborated, as an example I can mention that the national dish called “bigos” needs at least a couple of days to be ready for eating.

As for the restaurants, there are many that offer traditional Polish food but you can also find many other where you can try Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, French, Italian cuisines. I even remember my friend telling me that the best pizza he has ever eaten was in Poland. The best thing is that you can eat and drink a lot and you don’t have to pay too much.

There is also a big difference between restaurants now and 20 years ago. The way of treating customers has changed dramatically. For those who had the chance to visit Poland those times it’s necessary to know that they’ll receive much better service than from the waitresses of “Bar Mleczny”.


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