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Difference Between CV And Resume

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Resume and CV, i.e. curriculum vitae are the two terms frequently heard. One may wonder, what is the difference between CV and resume?

The words resume and CV are used in different ways worldwide. In USA, resume is a  document shorter than a CV. If you are applying for any particular position, you are expected to write the information that can go up to one page only. You may have worked in different fields, but you should focus on the skills, experience and education that is best suited for that particular job.

On the other hand, the CV or curriculum vitae is longer in length compared to resume. The CV includes the detailed information about the person’s professional history, i.e. the detailed information about a person’s work experience. It should explain the education details and achievements. So as per the latest resume writing techniques followed now-a-days, one should write the resume if he/she is applying for a business position and CV is best suited if you are applying for the position in medical or educational profession.

Job search is associated with resume writing, career and interview tips, how to write a resume/ CV, best sample resumes for various professions and so on. As you are aware about the basic difference between resume and CV, next comes detailed information about each of them

Three styles of resumes are followed, chronological, functional and focused. Every style or structure demands information to be written in specific manner. In case of chronological resumes, what matters a lot is the work experience.

In case of functional resume, write about your educational details, achievements in detail. Focused resume is the perfect blending of two types of resumes.

The CV explains your education, experience in detail. In a way it reflects your overall working record. The CV is written that follows certain formatting i.e. the information is written in the form of headings and sub headings.

The sections of the CV are

  • Objective: The declaration that explains what you are looking for, or what is the reason for applying for the said position
  • Education: This section explains about your qualification, the grades you have achieved, and the academic years for particular course, degree, diploma etc.
  • Skills: You can explain the skills required for the job you are applying for.
  • Career Summary: This part summarizes the skills you have utilized in particular job along with the achievements.

What ever you may call the document as, the CV or a resume; it should be precise and perfect to serve the purpose. 


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