Monday, December 11

1999-2004 Honda Odyssey Rough Idle Problem And Power Loss When Hitting The Gas.

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Something causing your 1999 to 2004 Honda Odyssey to run a little rough and lose power when you hit the gas? If you have a check engine light and your TCS (traction control system) light is on, you may have a bad coil pack. There is a coil pack sitting right above each spark plug cylinder in this model odyssey. Honda no longer uses the single ignition coil for this motor but has givin way to newer and more expensive parts. Since there are now six ignition coils instead of one, there is six times the chance for one of these to go bad. The upside is if one goes bad you are still able to drive the van to the shop or auto parts store to buy a new part and have it replaced. You dont have to worry about getting stranded on the side of the road whitch was the problem with the older single ignition coils that were used to power the older motors. Dont continue to drive for long periods of time since not having one of your cylinders fireing properly is harmful to the motor. A bad coil is a very common problem with these vans and the way to find out if this is what is making it run rough, this is what you can do.

#1. Start the engine and notice the motor has a little bit of a shake to it.

#2. Remove small black cover twords the front of the motor, should have a couple flathead clips that you will need to turn about a half turn to get them to release so that the cover can be pulled to see the three coil packs on the front side of the motor. Start with these because they are the easiest to get to.

#3. Unplug each coil pack one at a time (Small plug sitting over each cylinder) keep notice of the engines idle as you pull each one. If the motor idles rougher plug it back in and move to the next plug. If you notice no change in the motor when one of the packs is unplugged, you have found your problem.

#4. Remove the small screw holding the coil pack to the motor and pull the old coil pack out.

#5. Install new coil pack.


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