Sunday, December 17

Articles: Selecting Your Topics

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There are many ways you can go about deciding what subjects to write about.  The best and most advantageous route of course is the write what we know about.  That is simple write?   As Lee Corso from College Game day would say “Not so fast my friend”.  There are many of us that sign up for sites like Bukisa, Triond or Ehow and we first think “wow, I can write hundreds of articles it will be easy”.  Then we start off with our first five or six articles then maybe we think “ok, what now”?  Feeling stumped at your next topic?  No, problem and you will find these suggestions worth your while if you plan to make more money writing articles online.

The first thing is to have patients.  Be patient and take your time.  It is a good idea to carry a small notepad with you and as soon as you come up with an idea write it down.  You will find that you will have more ideas and also ideas about branching out of the subjects that you already know about. 

This next step has been very valuable for me personally.  On your computer desktop create a new folder.  Label the new folder WORKING ARTICLES or something to that effect.  You then open up a word document and on top of it write your subject and then save it and put it in the folder.  Repeat that step as often as you like.  Write your articles on the word document and you will be able to paste it up to the online world to publish it.  It is good to do this for two reasons.  First you can save time in the long run.  Secondly, let’s face it computers don’t always cooperate with us.  How frustrated do you feel if you spend all that time writing and writing only for it to go away.  Your article is ready to go and you click publish and suddenly you find out the internet crashed 30 minutes ago.  Either way you decide to do it remember the key idea of saving your work as you go. 

If you are stumped and have no idea what to write about then the news is a good place to go.  Look at this as the process of education.  Try picking a topic you have no idea about.  Take the time and research it and learn it.  You will soon find that you have plenty of content that will inform and please most readers.  The key word here is research.  There are plenty of resources out there that can inform you about any topic you choose.   The great thing about this is that you are learning more and more about the world.  At the same time the more you do it the easier it will become.

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