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Valentine Gifts to India – Top 10 Valentine Gifts For Her

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When you think of gifting your girl a Valentine, you can only think of giving her the very best. No matter if the ‘her’ is your mother, sister, girlfriend, and wife or even daughter, you cannot make do with anything short of delightful. This is why Valentine gifts for her are all the more special. From among a range of options, there are some which can never fail you. Here are the top 10 Valentine Gifts for her.

Flowers are the greatest expression that characterise Valentine’s Day. You can select a variety that could either include the conventional roses in a judicious match of colours, some orchids, or even exquisitely arranged flowers in heart or teddy bear shapes. Additionally, you can also get more innovative and opt for life size floral hampers which take the dimension to a whole new level. An interesting combination matches not just flowers, but a cake and some chocolates as well.

If you really love your lady, serenade her and let her know it. This is an ideal Valentine gift for girlfriend, and is a sure way to touch her heart and win her affection. You can either floor her on Valentine’s Day with a flood of gifts, or let them start streaming in a day or two before Valentine’s really arrives. There are options of serenades which can run into as many as four days, and with an array of all conceivable Valentine’s Day elements.

Gift your loved one a soft toy, and watch her melt into your arms. A soft toy in any shape will do. While teddy bears are the trademark symbol of Valentine’s, you can also try a heart shaped toy, or even a little bunny. Match it with a car, some flowers or even chocolates, and you have just the perfect Valentine gift for wife.

Women and jewellery are a match made in heaven. These are among the ideal Valentine gifts for fiancé, and you will find it hard for her to turn down your proposal. Heart shaped rings, a pendant with a diamond or pearl drop, or even some earrings can make your Valentine’s Day gift special and the effort worth the while.

A lady can never have too many clothes. Try gifting her a stunning saree, kurti or even top, and you will find that this can make the most personal gift for your Valentine, and something she will always hold close to her.

There are not just gifts for Valentine’s, but also gifts for Valentine’s eve, which can bring in the day in splendour. Gift flowers and cakes and let your love flow. If you want to make this Valentine’s memorable, try and throw in a classy perfume, a timeless watch and a heart shaped pillow for added measure.

There is nothing that really sets a standard for the Valentine’s Day gift you should choose, but your preference, budget and need. You can pick from, or even make your own Top 10 Valentine gifts for her, and pick your favourites – better still, get her everything and make this Valentine’s truly stand out.

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