Tuesday, December 12

What is Flagyl

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Flagyl, a market name of Pfizer for Metronidazole is an anti-bacterial medicine which from the description itself, functions as a drug that eliminates bacteria which are causing infections to the body. Flagyl usually comes in the form of tablet and like other medicine, it is taken orally by patients in regular gap so that there would be an even dose of Flagyl in the blood. Usually, a physician recommends the intake of Flagyl three times a day for five days specifically for adult dosage and is taken with a large glass of water with meal or every after meal. This is to make sure that the patient will have a regular level of the Flagyl toxins in the blood. With a constant level of Flagyl in the blood, it is going to be easy to totally prevent and stop the infections in the body.

Flagyl is an effective medication which releases strong chemical elements as it dissolves inside the body thus stopping the spread of bacterial infections in your body parts like infections in your nervous system, joints, bones, intestines, vaginal infections for women and other body parts will it be internal organs or in the surface of your body like in your skin. This kind of drug is only taken by patients under prescription of a physician to ensure that it is safe to take because there also limitations in taking this. People who are allergic to strong chemicals in medicine like Metronidazole is not recommended to take Flagyl since it can worsen the allergic condition. Flagyl is not advisable to take for pregnant women with vaginal infections as well especially when they are in their first trimester since this drug may have an effect to the baby or it may worsen the infection. It is also advised that drinking alcoholic beverages should be avoided during the intake of Flagyl because it can cause further sickness.


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