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How Can I Improve Relationships With Friends?

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When I was in elementary school, I had few friends. At that time, I often wondered that why friends do not come to me first. If they had came to me, I would have get along with them. I felt sad. l was disappointed. I really wanted to make a good friend. Even one!

After that, I have considered about relationship. I read many books on association. Whenever documentary or article related to the topic, I tried to watch and follow it carefully. Now, I am getting better at relationship with friends. I am not an expert on that area but I have thought it a lot. Hence, I can give you at least three tips.

First, find some similar interests.

My friend, Jion, and I liked to talk with foreigners who use English. We went to In-sa-dong, which is famous site in South Korea for foreigner, and started to conversation with them. We had similar interest that is to chat with foreigner. In other words, practicing English at public place. Until now, I like hanging out with Jion and want to go to the In-sa-dong together.

Second, be sincere.

I think keep sincerity is really important. Is there anyone who like heard a lie? Well. No way. Luke chapter 6:31 says “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” That is to say, I have to be sincere first because I want people to be honest to me. Besides,cheat is kind of poison, which cannot be removed clearly. That is to say, one cheat needs another cheat and another cheat needs the third cheat and the third cheat needs, needs needs. Therefore, sincerity is important.

Lastly, listen carefully.

People have one mouth and two ears. I read quite impressive meaning about that somewhere. The reason why we have not two mouths and one ear but one mouth and two ears is that listen carefully with your two ears and speak less with your one mouth. For example, when I was young, I talked about my story a lot and then tried to stop a conversation because I did what I am going to do. However, so many books have emphasized on listen carefully. So I started to talk half of what I usually did and listen double than before. The results was awesome and I recognized the pleasure of hearing someone’s story.

In conclusion, now I have more friends than before and I realize simple ways to maintain the relationship. I feel happy. I am satisfied. I undergo trial and error. I want to let you know about my realizations. Find not too far interest with people who you want to be a friend. Be sincere when you act, talk, treat them and listen carefully what they say.  

I am waiting your advice and opinion on my article. If you have any question, please leave a comment or send me a message. I am glad to hear critic or compliment. Thank you.


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