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Eden Privilege Care Delivers on All Promises Made to Kolkata Real Estate Buyers

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Eden is a breakaway idea brand in the Real Estate Product category. The objective is not to blend into the blur, but to have the courage to stand out from it. They have made a commitment to not take the status quo for granted. They aim to change the way the home buying experience is perceived. And all they have to do is be honest, and human, with all, inside and outside the organisation.

Now, most corporate brands operating in the Kolkata Real estate sector and West Bengal emphasized primarily on repeated individual project sales efforts. Through attractive advertisements as well as timely and repeated delivery, project after project an illusion of a brand is created. These so called brands are undifferentiated among themselves. In other words, there is nothing unique or special about them.

They are actually “organized segment players” rather than actual corporate brands. Lacking any real notion of what actually makes each of these concerns unique; they have become masters of a particular form of imitation which is cloaked in the vernacular of differentiation keeping the myth of competitive separation alive. In reality, the emperor has no clothes and this fact is quite clear to most consumers.

Eden Group however believes that creating a brand means going beyond simply selling a product. Differentiation to them means a commitment to engage with the consumers at a more emotional level in a manner that they value, respect and somewhere deep inside; their heart rejoices at and celebrates. The aim is to shift from selling houses to providing complete service packages that makes home buying experience more unique. The objective is to touch people’s hearts and curve out a special place in their mind so a more enduring relationship can be built.

Bringing a human face to real estate sector with Eden Privilege Care, Kolkata

I feel that the Real Estate Developer lacks a human face in the eyes of the average person. Buying a home is probably the second most important decision in one’s life after marriage. And the purchase process can extend up to 3-4 years. Yet all marketing effort in the sector is concentrated on the pre-purchase period, as opposed to the consumption period and the post possession period. All the focus is on the thrill of the chase when everyone is craving for the customers attention, and after the purchase, when we have his attention, nobody seems bothered. There is too much focus on the ‘hard’ aspects of the product, the ‘specifications’, the ‘facilities’ and too little on the ‘soft’ aspects, that is, the ‘people’, the ‘process’, the ‘experience’.

Marketing has evolved from an emphasis on ‘what it has’ to ‘what it does’ to ‘what you’ll feel’ to ‘who you are’. This shift demonstrates, that while ‘features’ and ‘benefits’ are still important to people, ‘experience’ and ‘personal identity’ has become even more important. I feel only when we engage people on an emotional level can we actually communicate meaningfully the features which can appeal to their rational side. Individual projects can and should have their functional ‘USP’s’ based on the uniqueness of the individual project but the ‘Corporate Brand Promise’ should be the foundation which supports and encourages every purchase decision in any individual project. The Corporate Brand Promise should produce, as De Bono said, a ‘ Unique Buying State’ for the consumer

Personalised services for Kolkata real estate buyers

It is not just about big words and good copywriting. There need to be objective differentiators which can be experienced at each touch point with the customer. At each point, we need to create differentiators, and we need to make the consumer feel the difference.

And this is where something like the Eden Privilege Care comes in.

Eden Privilege Care represents a whole new way of thinking in this product category, a whole new way of home buying. This emotionally endearing relationship which the customers would have with Eden would be built primarily through a gamut of personalised services under Eden Privilege Care. A personality is more than having a few ‘signature’ services. It is about providing a consistently unique and authentic experience. A service, after all, is merely a transaction, an interaction between a person and a wallet. An experience, on the other hand, is something more personal, more transformational, and more emotional.  Eden Privilege Care would be the bridge which would close the distance between the customer and Eden, make him comfortable, keep him informed, keep us accessible and transparent, and at the same time, reward him for being with us and contributing to building the relationship.

Authentic delivery of all promises made

A major mega trend in marketing is that there is a vertical distrust between consumers and companies. Therefore, fewer consumers rely on paid advertising. And there is a huge trust in the horizontal relationship between consumers. Consumers trust strangers in social media more than they trust experts. Consumers turn to word of mouth and referrals as a credible source of advertising. In this context, authenticity, talkability and the ‘buzz’ factor are extremely important.

For brands to be able to connect to human beings, brands need to develop an authentic DNA that is at the core of their differentiation, authentic differentiation. Brand identity must be matched with brand integrity. Along with targeting the mind and heart of the consumer through positioning, differentiation and experiential marketing, we must also target the spirit of the consumer with values, character, authenticity, and integrity. Marketing in the future is about defining ones identity, and strengthening it with authentic integrity to build a strong image.

The core promise must be backed by authentic delivery of that promise.

Creating a personality for the brand

Most importantly, employees are the touch points of the customer. They are our living brand ambassadors. Anything we promise is ultimately delivered through them. Especially if what we are promising primarily is an honest and friendly home buying experience. They need to make the promise come alive in their interactions with customers. They need to believe in the promise and be honest in the delivery for the brand promise to be true and authentic. Experiential organizations such as Eden have experiential employees, who are proud to have the social identity of being part of the Eden brand. Transactional employees, who only focus on salary and perks, are not in sync with experiential brands. At Eden, we make sure even the highest selling salesman will be asked to leave if he is not welcoming, genuine, considerate and involved.

Branding is a promise that inspires the entire organization into becoming a medium for fulfillment of the promise. It creates the heart for an organization which is fundamentally a core unifying idea. A Personality that is the unique, authentic and talkable soul of the brand that people can get passionate about.


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