Monday, December 11

Bedtime Basics

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Your child needs lots of sleep to rest his or her growing body and mind. But there are times when your child simply refuses to go to bed. This can be very frustrating. Here are some things you can do to get your child to go to bed:

• Set a regular bedtime for your child.

• Give your child a reminder to start winding down around 30 minutes before bedtime.

• Make sure he or she goes to the bath room to use the toilet, wash up and brush his or her teeth.

• Have a consistent bedtime routine in place. Your routine should include calming activities such as story telling time.

• Make sure your child’s bed is comfortable. Check if the temperature and ventilation are okay.

• Most kids are afraid of the dark so it’s great idea to put a nightlight in your child’s bedroom.

• Ideally, your child’s bedroom should not have a TV or video games.

• After tucking your child in, remind him or her to stay in bed and then say good night.

• In the morning, praise your child for staying in bed.

When your child simply just won’t stay in bed, here’s what to do:

• Bring him or her back to bed right away.

• Ask your child what is bothering him or her or what is he or she afraid of. Switching on the nighlight or checking the closet for “monsters” usually does the trick.

• If the monster check does make your child feel better or safer and cries or protests, wait for a few minutes and then go back to check on him or her.

• If your child continues to cry or call for your, wait longer each time before you go back to check.

• Remind your child that it’s time to go to sleep and if he or she stays quiet, you will come back to check on him or her again in a few minutes.


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