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How to Identify Anxiety Disorder

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All humans feel anxious and experience worry at some point in their life. Anxiety disorder is completely curable and one of the most widespread psychological problem. Anxiety helps us to endure difficulties, challenges, danger and awkward situations.

Anxiety disorder and everyday anxiety are two completely different things. Person suffering from this disorder will freak out even if there is no actual danger. Some extreme actions have to be made to deal with the roots of a person’s anxiety. People with this disorder can make a mess of their social life, work, and family. The real cause of this anxiety is very difficult to isolate. So they are generally ignored and untreated. One of the prime examples of such type of anxiety disorder is generalized anxiety

Generalized anxiety is to be concerned and think that most awful things will happen. The feeling is out of your control and can destroy your life. 6 months is the minimum time period for which this type of anxiety lasts and it can be much more. The anxiety can also be triggered by day to day activities in some people. Activities involving Money, work, physical health, kids can also cause anxiety.  A person with this disorder tends to worry a lot and cannot do a thing to stop worrying

Having trouble sleeping, tension in the muscle, bad temper, fatigue, fidgety, problem in concentrating, frequent urination, feeling light headed and becoming breathless are some of the prominent symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. You can help anyone with this type of disorder by taking him/her to a licensed medical practitioner.  


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