Friday, December 15

Downloadable Games: What’s The Draw?

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To most people, downloadable games are either those pirated copies of commercial games or those that non-gamers play to kill time. Rather than independent software, downloadable content (DLC) are, in fact, simple add-ons to an existing game. However, many people are under the misconception that downloadable games are extremely limited.

For one, there are games available through Steam and other software download services. These are typically developed by small-time game studios. Instead of tying up with an established game publisher to get their products in the market, they opt to sell directing to gamers through the Internet. Some of the big hits that these indie game developers have produced include the delightfully cartoonish “Torchlight” and the enormously compelling “Minecraft.”

Another kind of game that you can freely download is games created with a commercial design suite. The average person can now design his own game through innovative software like Game Maker and RPG Maker VX without having to develop a game engine. These kinds of games have simpler graphics and don’t have much detail compared to their mainstream counterpart. Also a part of the indie gaming industry are fan-made games that are given away for free. These games can be classified into every possible genre, from simple point-and-click puzzle pieces to 40-hour long RPG epics.

Independent game developers use downloadable games as a mainstay to bring games into the market. Additionally, the Internet provides an opportunity for aspiring game designers to make an impact without having to go through the troubles of game development.

Downloadable games are enjoyable and with most of them, you don’t have to invest too much time like in video games. Try and play one today!



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