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Pull Off a Great Job Interview

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How to Pull Off a Great Job Interview

So you have successfully outpaced and beaten hundreds of other job applicants through making it to the first cut of short listed applicants. The challenge does not end there. You have to keep up so that the momentum could move forward. Your primary goal at this time should be how you could further impress the prospective employer.

There is no other way but to impress him/her further in the in-person job interview.

Job interviews are the last step to getting that sought-after job. After surviving the screening process, you have been contacted to come to a designated and assigned schedule. Not many applicants have been as fortunate as you. Therefore, you should not let the opportunity pass. You know that you should always grab what goes around and come your way. There is no need to fret because you surely could pull off a good and impressive job interview. Here are some practical guidelines to help you.

  • Be genuinely friendly and warm. To beat nervousness, you could pretend you are talking to an old friend who you really respect much. This way, the employer could feel your sincerity. However, be reminded not to be too comfortable. There are many things you could say to your old friend that you should not try to tell your possible employer.

  • Listen to the interviewer. Get some hint: Employers still love to talk much about themselves. You could get amazed and surprised how the interview could turn out to be a friendly discussion where the employer opens up to you. Go with the flow and allow him to speak. Just remember to listen and send an impression as if you are really interested to what he is saying.

  • Address the interviewer by his name. Employers love the sound of their name. Do not forget to use courtesy addresses, though.

  • Compliment the interviewer. Doing so could make him feel more important. However, be careful not to go beyond the boundary of insincere flattering.

  • Loosen up. Laugh if you feel like laughing after hearing a good joke from the interviewer. Laughter during the interview could help you get the job. If you manage to laugh together with the interviewer, that means he is comfortable with you. Sounds like a really good start for a potential professional relationship.

  • Do not argue with the interviewer. You might not agree with some of his opinion, but do not say anything unless you are asked to say your piece of mind. It will be a mortal sin to get into confrontations and arguments with the prospective employer.

  • Ask questions that could lead the employer to answer ‘yes.’ Doing so is a proven strategy to strengthen your position.

 Do not forget to say ‘ Thank you ’ as sincerely as you could.

Indeed, you should be thankful the interviewer spent time talking to you and giving you a shot for the job opportunity. Shake hands as you do so. Do not forget to make a firm handshake.

Nice job seekers will definitely send out handwritten thank you letter or notes after the interview or within 24 hours. Make such communication short and simple. Whether you landed on the job or not, you will create a good impression if you do so. Chances are the next time there will be other job vacancies in the company, you will be among the first applicants to be considered.


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