Tuesday, December 12

The First Wedding Dance, How to Enjoy It

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Before the wedding even happens, couples are generally nervous about this first dance together… unless they already think of themselves as expert dancers. To ease the nerves, many couples decide to go for the old junior high dance of holding each other and circling around. If the couple decides to try a more formal dance, the nervousness will likely continue.

If the couple learns a specific dance for their first dance, they may be nervous about messing it up. They may also be nervous about the fact that everyone will be watching them. Will they get out of sync with the music? Will they totally blow some part of the dance?

Here’s the real question though… should the couple be nervous at all? If the couple could step back and take a look at their guests, they would realize that there is no need to be nervous. First of all, the guests are willing the couple to have a beautiful moment together, regardless of what the dancing is like. If the couple even attempts something beyond circling around, then the guests will be impressed. No one really expects that. The guests will enjoy being part of such a special moment in the couple’s life.

An observer would also notice another thing about the guests watching a first dance. They will see other married couples holding hands, drinking in the music. They will often be reminiscing about their first dance at their own wedding and how special it was – wishing the same for the newly married couple.

Will the guests notice if a step is missed or if something goes a little wrong? Most likely not. They are not scrutinizing the dance, they are enjoying the moment.  And if they do notice, who cares?

Couples should take the time to pick a special song that means something to them for their first dance. This way, they set the scene for a lovely moment in time that they will remember forever. The couple should gaze into each other’s eyes, forget everyone around them and enjoy.

When the couple goes to their next friend’s wedding, they will be with the other guests, holding hands, reminiscing about their own first dance together, wishing their friends the happiness that they have in their marriage.


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