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Ideas Often Overlooked Preparing For Interviews

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Ideas Often Overlooked Preparing for Interviews

Experts say job applicants are given a few minutes to impress prospective employers during an in-person job interview. Thus, to many job seekers, the interview process is a make or break process within the job search activity. Indeed, it is. Of course you know that after getting it through the initial screening process, you are called to complete the last of the series of procedures to get hired. Remember that when asked for an interview, you are not yet hired. The employer’s decision will depend on how well you carry out yourself during the meeting.

The job interview is definitely not the time to mess up. You have successfully managed to create a strong resumé and cover letter, which apparently impressed the potential employer. Now its time to equal the good impression you made through writing. Here are some often-neglected insights and things that could very well help any job applicant pull off a good and successful job interview.

Dress to impress. You are coming personally to the office and you are meeting the prospective employer. Make some efforts to dress up properly and effectively. There is no dress code required, but in general, potential employers expect you to come in your formal business attire. Do not come in jeans or in sandals.

Prepare well for the interview. Do a simple research about the company’s history, corporate identity, business nature, culture, vision and mission. Doing so could help impress the interviewer, especially when you are asked to tell something you know about the company. At the end of the interview, you might also be willing to ask interesting questions to the employer. The interviewer will see this as a good sign that you are that determined to get in and are genuinely interested about the business.

Practice makes perfect. Before the actual interview, you might try to practice well. Ask a friend to pretend as if he or she is the employer/ interviewer. Do a little role play and see how you could handle the situation—in advance. This could help you overcome nervousness and anxiety related to the important meeting.

Listen very closely. Interviewers like it when they see the interviewee is paying close attention. Do not just listen. Understand everything the employer is telling you. Be ready as during the meeting, he could actually be throwing you questions that you have not expected. When answering such questions, pause for a minute before giving your answer. This way, the interviewer will think that you perceive the question as very important that you are giving it some moment of thought. In the same way, doing so could help you collect your thoughts and come with a really impressive answer.

Show passion not just for the job but also for the company. You cannot fake interest. Be really interested about the job and the company before going to the interview. If you do so, trust yourself that you could never go astray during the meeting.

Lastly, do not forget to thank the interviewer after the meeting. Seal the interview with a good and comfortable handshake. By the way, also open the interview with one. Be firm, but comfortable. It is a good gesture.


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