Friday, December 15

Cake Cutting at Weddings

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The cake cutting tradition dates back to Roman times. At that time, the groom would eat from a special loaf of barley bread that was baked just for the wedding. After he ate a piece, he would break the break over the bride’s head. The symbolism of this act was to signify the groom breaking the bride’s virginal state and subsequent dominance over her. Wedding guests would then scramble for the bread crumbs to take home for good luck and for increased fertility. Luckily, the chauvinistic part of this tradition has not continued.

Instead of a large wedding cake, some wedding stack cupcakes or donuts instead. This harkens back to Medieval England when guest would stack up little cakes. Then the bride and groom would try to kiss over top of the stack of little cakes. If they were successful, it was a sign of good fertility to come.

The cutting of the actual cake has history behind it as well. It started when the bride would cut the cake and serve it to all the wedding cakes.  As the guest lists grew, so did the cakes. Bakers started to tier the cakes and would make the icing very hard to support the weight of the cakes. This made it difficult for the bride to cut the cake. Enter the groom. The groom started helping the bride to cut the cake because it was difficult.

Another cake cutting tradition is for the bride and groom to feed each other. This was a sign of their mutual commitment to each other. Sometimes this would be messy and now people sometimes purposefully are messing and silly about feeding each other.


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