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The Brain About

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The brain allows the nerves in the body to carry messages back and forth. This can be done extremely rapidly. There are nerves attached to various parts of our bodies so that they can directly get where they need to. For example, when you touch a hot stove the nerves from your hand instantly trigger a message from the brain to remove your hand from it. All of this takes about a second to occur.

There are three main parts of the brain and each one has specific functions that it is responsible for. The cerebrum is the biggest part of it and located at the top. The primary function of it is the ability to read, to process information, our speech, and even our emotions. There are two sides of it and each one controls the side of the body opposite of it.

At the back of the brain is the cerebellum which is what will help a person to maintain their balance. It also is what controls walking, talking, and various types of movement that require coordination. The brain stem is located where the spinal cord connects to your neck. This is responsible for the temperature of your body, blood pressure, and the feelings of hunger and thirst a person experience.

It is very important to protect the brain when you are taking part in various activities. Bike riding, motorcycles, and even roller skating is all types of things you should do with a helmet on. Many adults do enforce this rule with children, but they fail to see the importance of wearing one themselves. Having a helmet on can prevent the brain from becoming damaged should have an accident occur.

Recovering from a brain injury can be very tricky. Some people are able to regain full use of it in no time at all. Other people will always struggle with some things such as short term memory loss. The brain is a very valuable part of our body, and it should be protected at all costs. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to wear a seat belt when you are in a moving vehicle.


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