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Being a Father For First Time

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Being a Father for first time
 Having a baby is a wonderful experience … also for dad. You, as parents, can participate in this exciting journey and even help the mother to bring the world to the new baby.

Two things come to mind when they tell you that going to be a father: a feeling of joy never before felt and the fear of not being ready to assume the most important thing a man can make in your life. For me, the day arrived on June 23, 1997, after a little over a year of marriage and without much thought to the responsibility that was about to assume.

The news
When my wife told me she was pregnant, my first question was, and how you help me? One question that lasted nine months of pregnancy, as the aches, pains and everything else just felt it, and all I could do was stay by his side, offering moral support was often hard to give me for not knowing that was what she felt or thought

Want more involved in their partner’s pregnancy and not know what to do to “share” this special time of their lives?

Here are some suggestions to offer support to the mother and for you, as a father, is also involved in this exciting waiting:

  Accompany her to doctor appointments and ask questions about your baby’s development, pregnancy or any questions you have.
  Accompany her to walk every day as part of your exercise routine.
  Understand that due to hormonal changes, your partner may not be willing to wear the same sex life than before.
 Try to Read books and brochures about your baby’s development.
 Take the classes in childbirth along with his wife. If you choose to attend childbirth could witness an unforgettable experience and will provide great support to the mother.
 If you smoke, quit. Think about the damage they are causing to the health of his wife and their unborn baby.


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