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A Panacea Recommended by Hippocrates

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Vinegar is available all over the world. Hippocrates, ‘Father of medicine’ recommends vinegar for many disorders of respiratory system. It heals; clears decongestion; checks bleeding; cools the body; relieves stress; and so goes on the health benefits of vinegar.

Twenty health benefits of vinegar

1) Cholesterol, followed by its consequences of heart troubles, blood pressure, obesity and diabetes, is the asset of modern lifestyle. Apple cider vinegar, which contains a lot of fiber, helps to absorb cholesterol and fats in your body and expels them as waste.

2) Obesity can be controlled with red wine vinegar which has no sodium, no fat, no cholesterol and best of all, no calories. By topping this over salads you can control your weight.

3) Blood pressure is another threat of modern life. Since apple cider vinegar contains a lot of potassium, it helps to thin the blood, thus lowering the blood pressure. Drinking apple cider vinegar can control your blood pressure.

4) Vinegar can control type 2 diabetes and it can be used by people who suffer from this type diabetes and are insulin resistant. Using vinegar will increase their insulin sensitivity. Diabetics find that using vinegar tea reduces their diabetic symptoms. But this has to be checked by the physician.

5) Hippocrates recommends vinegar for decongesting of the respiratory system and to treat cough, asthma and hay fever. It is a boon for allergies.

6) The ability of vinegar for digestion cannot be overruled, especially of apple cider vinegar. It helps in the process of absorbing and breaking down the food. Its acidic composition inhibits fungal, viral and bacterial growth in the intestine tract retaining the ph balance.

7) Rose petals soaked in vinegar were used by the Greeks as a remedy for sunburn and heat rash.

8) In the past, vinegar was taken diluted with water as an antiseptic in typhus, dysentery and scarlet fever. Vinegar has antifungal and antiviral properties.

9) Since ancient times cider vinegar has been used for preparing cosmetics. It is said that the spirit of vinegar was one of the ingredients of the original cold cream used in the first century AD. After a shower, a final rinse in the water keeps skin smooth and clear.

10) Vinegar is an excellent cleaner. It clears the body of poisonous substances. It is a good emetic for clearing toxins from the body.

11) Organic apple cider vinegar has been proved to make hair shine, and to remove dandruff. It maintains hair healthy and sparkling.

12) White vinegar serves as wart remover. It contains acetic acid, which works much the same as salicylic acid which is available over-the-counter as a wart remover.

13) Vinegar acts as an astringent by checking bleeding and reducing swelling of wounds. Mixed with hot water, it can be used as a compress for swollen joints and it is effective in easing sprains if it is used with sage leaves.

14) Mix a teaspoonful of vinegar with a glass of water and sip it frequently which is a cool remedy for fevers. Use this mixture as a gargle to soothe your sore throat, nasal congestion and laryngitis.

15) The antifungal properties that vinegar contains make it appropriate in treating ringworm, rash and athlete’s foot.

16) There are some connoisseurs of apple cider vinegar who drink it regularly, diluted with water, as a skin cleanser and general tonic. It is recommended for strengthening of teeth and nails, since it improves absorption of calcium.

17) Most of the arthritis cases are caused by acid crystals that build up in the joints. Mix some apple cider vinegar with honey and drink it slightly warmed, to help dissolve these crystals. Though this is not a cure, it can dissolve the crystals for the time being reduce your pain.

18) The fighting property of vinegar to strengthen the immune system relieves headaches also. Cider vinegar is used for this purpose.

19) Apple cider vinegar can protect you from bad breath, since it fights infection and the bacteria which are responsible for bad breath.

20) Vinegar adds taste and flavor to any food. Many people love to drizzle it over fish, chips, salads and cooked vegetables. It is an inevitable ingredient of Indian pickles.

 Care has to be taken

The effectiveness or remedial use of vinegar depends on how you consume or use it. You have to be careful about the health hazards associated with inappropriate consumption of vinegar. 


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