Tuesday, December 12

How To Enjoy Valentine's Day Being Single

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Almost two years ago, in Februrary of 2009, I had just recently come out of a horrible relationship. Having finally been blessed to put it behind me, I was still dreading the arrival of Valentine’s Day. The commercials, flower and candy displays in the stores, annoying couples out in public… I was looking forward to it being over and done with. Suddenly, I took a long look at myself, and my behavior. I was not pleased with what I saw. I decided to get ahold of myself, and stop acting like an angry victim. I was not about to mope around the house all day, or be mad at the world. I decided to do just the opposite- celebrate the day anyway.

I suggested to my sister that we go out to dinner, just the two of us. She wasn’t exactly excited about the idea, but she was open to it. She let me pick the restaurant. I picked a popular seafood place. On the 14th, we got dressed, and went out to dinner, with me driving. The restaurant was crowded, but not just with couples. We saw parents and children, a table of women, another with just guys. There was such diversity.  It seemed some others had my same mindset about Valentine’s Day. The atmosphere was very mellow and relaxing. No one was out of place. My sister and I enjoyed a nice dinner, pleasant conversation, and some laughs. After about an hour, we left. Our time that day was so enjoyable, we decided to make it an annual event. The following year, we did the same thing, different restaurant.

Too many people, especially women, have the wrong perception of Valentine’s Day. If there is no one in your life to take you out to dinner, buy you chocolates, or send you flowers, that is OK. You can still enjoy the day. Take yourself out, the way we did. Buy some flowers, or candy. My sister bought herself a box of chocolate-covered strawberries. This year, we have velvet-red cupcakes, with cream cheese frosting. Do not define yourself, or your ability to have a nice time based on being single. It is not a disease.

This yearly Valentine’s Day ritual will continue for years to come. It has been too much fun for it to end. Take life by the horns, so to speak, get out of the house, and enjoy yourself.


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