Sunday, December 17

Chamdor Sparkling Grape Drink

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I bought this drink because it was my younger brother’s birthday. We wanted something light and bubbly and the taste would be appealing for the whole family. I was thinking to buy him red wine but then my younger brother insisted me to buy Chamdor Sparkling Grape Drink so I bought one.

The bottle was great. It looks like Champaign but the taste was more of a bubbly drink which is non alcoholic drink so our mom would also not disagree to take. I bought Chamdor to give it a try and see what the product would taste like since they don’t offer free taste. The bottle was green in color although it was cheating in the way that the bottom of it was arched and deep that the drink would be less than 750ml.

The price was just affordable for only P187 pesos which we bought at the Landmark grocery in Makati City. The taste was like soft drinks only which is a carbonated drink but the grape taste was just fine and smooth. The color is purple but they smell is somewhat similar to a port red wine.

Anyway it was something for celebration and good for cocktail drinks and for light parties. I also can recommend it to my lady friends who are not into drinking heavy wines and spirits. It is a good refreshing drink and can be served on all types of occasions. You can avail of this drink on selected stores and malls in Metro Manila.


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