Monday, December 11

Why Facebook is Better Than Myspace

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Why Facebook is better than Myspace

Social networks such as Myspace and Facebook are two of the top social networks on the internet.  When Myspace hit the internet in 2003 it was a major success and almost everyone you knew signed up for an account.  Myspace was top dog for the longest time until people found out that Facebook was coming out in 2004.  In a very short period of time it made Myspace its little brother, making Myspace number 2 on the list of famous social networks.
Most people today get on there home pc, laptop, or mobile phones and head straight for their Facebook.  One thing just off the top is that Facebook has a chat box at the bottom at all times so that you can see if any of your friends are online at any given time, which is real time chat.  The set up for Facebook is much more user friendly and easier to navigate through. After a while Myspace became overrated.  Constantly updating it with tons of stuff confuses people sometimes.  If you’ve noticed people like simplicity. 
If one can enjoy one site without a lot of hoopla then they are going go there instead.  Everything that Facebook has to offer is really up front and more down to earth most would say.  Well I hope this article has been informative. Thanks  


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