Monday, December 11

99-04 Honda Odyssey Automatic Sliding Doors Hanging up or Getting Stuck

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The 99-04 Honda Odysseys were one of honda’s first REAL mini vans, and because it was a new design had its fare share of problems and recalls. One of the most common problems were the automatic sliding doors. The doors had multiple problems but one problem in particular is the doors hanging up and not being able to close without a little muscle from the owner. One of the reasons for this is due to a spring hinge located at the back of the door. This hinge has a plastic wheel/roller that gets worn, cracked and eventually tends to break apart. This will keep the door from gliding smoothly and then sends a signal that there is something keeping the door from closing on its own, and in turn jumps back in the opposite direction. Another problem with these hinges is they would get a little rusty or corroded and cause the same problem and are known to grind against the paint as the door travels down the length of the quarter panel. These hinges are extremely simple to replace if need be,  and should be checked and oiled every once and a while to help keep them from rusting. Maintain regularly and save the time and money on parts and repair.


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