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Choosing The Right Summer Camp For Your Child in Newyork – Know More About Summer Camps in New York

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Choosing the Right Summer camps in New York:-

Summer camps in New York are  life time memorable events for many children and teens. The activities range a variety of events that help the children to sharpen their existing talents or to bring about the hidden talents as an integral part of their grooming and of developing of their total personality.The State of New York   has more colleges and   variety of summer programs than any other state in the nation.  A plethora of individual and team activities are available to choose from , that makes the planning and selection of New York summer camps a challenging one.

Some of the usual activities being offered by various summer camps are Team Sports like Baseball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Football, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Roller Hockey and Ice Hockey. The individual events include Archery, Fencing, Fishing, Golf, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Wrestling, Track Field, Biking, Minibikes, Tennis, Figure Skating, Aerobics etc. Besides the above the camps also offer water sports, adventure sports, and creative arts like crafts painting drawing sculpture ceramics etc. There are also well arranged camps for performing arts like acting, magic, script writing rock Music choreography etc. The activities like Gardening farming astronomy ecology etc classified under science and foreign language courses are also made available for the inquisitive teenager.

Summer camps in new York would  a pleasurable one for your  child should you spend a bit of your time and attention in Choosing the most suitable  summer camp program for your child . It involves some important research as the camp experience will have a long lasting and significant impact on your child’s future life. Viewed against this philosophy selection of camp by your own old experience or by a simple feedback that you received from another child or their parents will not be wise. On the other hand it calls for introspection with regard to the child’s needs and interests.

Some of the basic factors to be weighed in choosing a summer camp for the child are the type of camps i.e. whether coed or not, the cost involved for  the camp the number of participants , the location etc. While the “Y” camps and federations camps that are non profit in nature are less costly when compared to the sleep away camps the latter way a bit expensive. Similarly the size of the camps is an important aspect. Normally the camps vary from 100 to 400 numbers.

New York summer camps require a state, city or county health department permit to operate legally.  Permits are issued subject to the compliance of various health regulations of the state. The regulations cover al gamut of safety measures from Health and safety of the children to the background of the director and the supervision of the campers. Once you decide for the camp some basic factors like physical examination, updating of immunizations, health insurance etc are to be taken care of. The child needs to be briefed about the necessity to mingle  well with the team  and keep regular contacts with you.


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