Thursday, December 14

Best Gift Ideas For Children Above 3 Years

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If you are searching for that special something to buy for a child, this is the right place to be. Starting from one year, child will engage in more active plays. The toddler will be very enthusiastic to run around, jump, climb and explore. He/she will prefer toys that can be used in these activities. My child like books (to see pictures and hear the emotions in the stories),toys that makes some sound and toys used for building basic structures. From 3 years onwards, a child will begin to enjoy more imaginative and creative play. As communication skills of the children develop they begin to show more interest in toys that can be shared with friends.They will be more interested in group plays. If you are here to search for the best gift for a 3 year old , I have few suggestions. If you like some of them, I have given the links to Amazon from where you can buy them directly. However, if you could not find the right gift, click on some of the Amazon links and search from there. It is very easy.

1. The Ladybug game

Everybody knows and loves ladybugs.This game uses a clever combination of colors, numbers, words, and symbols to help even the youngest kids catch on quickly. This attractive, original, and educational game will provided a lot of fun to your little ones. Soon they will be playing on their own, again and again, as they encounter all the adventures, challenges, and characters in the garden including the the three lazy Ants. This is a nice gift for children above 3 years

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