Sunday, December 17

Poem: Season The Life

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Season the life

A pull to the edge

To follow a dream

To find a smile

Open in broken

Living through you

I find myself

Dreaming in dreams

Falling inside

Apart at the seams

Poetry is the best way I have found to express yourself, to move past what is eating you up. Just writing down everything you are thinking, everything that is bothering you, can make a big difference. Writing poems has a soothing effect and can help you understand things that are bothering you, even if you didnt know it. Just let the pen take you where it wants to take you. Poetry is the true window to the soul, you can understand many things through the words poems have to say.

Take out pen and paper and just write down everything you can think of, do not stop, do not pause, just write. Write to find out what it is you are feeling. Let it overwelm you, if you get upset keep going. Let it all out on paper, it helps to understand. Let poetry take hold of you and guide you down the path of understanding. I am not saying that it will show you how to fix everything but it sure feels good to get it out, like a breath of fresh air.


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