Thursday, December 14

Poem: Scilence Tonight, Falling Apart

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A poem about trying to build back life after domestic violence, how being scared all the time makes you feel. A poem about living life still feeling trapped even though you are out of the bad relationship. Sometimes it never seems to be enough and even dreams feel like they are falling apart. Life after getting out of a bad relationship does get easier, it just will take some time. Sometimes you lose the faith you need to build a better life, stand strong and try. Find reasons to keep pushing forward and make your life better for the future.

Scilence tonight

Falling apart

On the loose ends you left

Left behind

Silence tonight

Falling apart

On the broken dreams I had for us

Fall apart on faith and sky

The endless doubt currodes

I see no life

No hope

No dream

My faith falls under the cloud

As you prove to puncture me

As you push me into the ground

Falling apart on faithless nights

Spent peeking out windows and doors

Scilence tonight

Falling apart

Breaking on the glass you shattered

Beneath my feet

I stand alone

I fall within

My dreams fall into the shadows

Dreams will come

But for now

Scilence tonight

Falling apart..


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