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Lesser Known Deities Beginning With The Letter J

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Lesser Known Deities Beginning with the Letter J

The world is full of gods, goddesses, spirits and other supernatural beings. Each culture and religion around the world has their deities, thus making this planet a very unique place to live in. Whilst some of these deities have stood the test of time, others have unfortunately faded into history books. Relatively unknown to the general public, here is a list of lesser known deities from around the world beginning with the letter J.

  1. Jabme-akha – According to the Lappish people, Jabme-akha was the ruler of the underworld depicted as an old woman.

  2. Jabru – An ancient Persian god.

  3. Jacy – In South America, a creator and moon god of the Tupi.

  4. Jade Fairy Maids – The five Chinese fairy maidens who served Hsi Wang Mu.

  5. Jagadhattri – A Hindu goddess of healing.

  6. Jagaubis – A fire god from Lithuania.

  7. Jah’t – Also known as Joh, an ancient Egyptian god of the moon before he was merged with Thoth.

  8. Jaik-khan – A Siberian god and the prince of floods. He receives the souls of the deceases and records the good deeds done by man.

  9. Jakis – In Japanese mythology, the evil spirits who cause illness.

  10. Jakui – In South America, a flute spirit of the Xingu who lives underwater.

  11. Jakuta – In Africa, a thunder god of the Yoruba.

  12. Jalinprabha – Also known as Suryaprabha,  Jalinprabha is a bodhisattva in the Buddhist religion.

  13. Jambhala – In Tibetan Buddhism, the three headed god of riches. He is sometimes depicted as treading on a man causing him to vomit up jewels.

  14. Jana – A Roman goddess and the wife of the double headed god Janus.

  15. Jang Lung – In Chinese mythology, one of the four Dragon Kings.

  16. Janguli – A Buddhist goddess who, in the form of a snake, can heal snake bites. She is sometimes shown as having three heads.

  17. Janicot – The Basque god of oak trees.

  18. Janim – A Phoenician sea god. When he was defeated by Baal-Sagan, the goddess Astarte was given to him as a consolation prize.

  19. Jann – In ancient Persia, the father of the jinn.

  20. Jar-Sub – A Siberian earth god.

  21. Jara – In the Hindu pantheon, Jara was the female personification of old age.

  22. Jarih – A Syrian moon god.

  23. Jarri – In ancient Mesopotamia, a god of war and a Hurrian god of plague.

  24. Jen – A sky god of the Ziryen people in Russia who used lightning to defeat the devil, Kul.

  25. Jengk-Tongk – A fish or water spirit in the Baltic countries.

  26. Jessis – An early Roman god who later became the god Jupiter.

  27. Jetaita – In Tierra del Fuego in South America, an earth spirit.

  28. Jewa-Jewa – A Malay supernatural being who intercedes with god on behalf of human beings on earth.

  29. Jigami – In Japanese Shinto mythology, the Jigami are the spirits of people who first cultivated the land for that particular area.

  30. Jikoku – In Japanese mythology, one of the Shi Tenno and the guardian god of the east.

  31. Jizo – A bodhisattva and the Japanese Buddhist god of children and the guardian of the dead. In order to protect the souls of deceased children from the oni, he sheltered them in his wide sleeves.

  32. Jnana – A Buddhist goddesses of knowledge and one of the 12 Paramita goddesses.

  33. Jnandakini – A Buddhist goddess of knowledge.

  34. Jo – A Japanese god of pine trees.

  35. Jok – A creator and rain god of the Alur people in Africa.

  36. Jokinam – In East Africa, a lake god. He is attended by the souls of drowned fisherman in Lake Albert whilst his herd of cows graze on the lake bed.

  37. Jokrut – In Africa, the Alur god of twins.

  38. Jokul – In Norse mythology, the god of glaciers and a Frost Giant.

  39. Jordegumma – A Swedish earth goddess.

  40. Jou – An ancient Irish god and the brother of Gwen and Sadurn.

  41. Jui-ch’ing-fu-jen – A Chinese goddess of the house who promotes happiness in the home.

  42. Juma – In Russia, a sky god of the Mari people.

  43. Jumala – The supreme god of the Finna and Lapps.

  44. Jumis – A Latvian fertility god.

  45. Juok – In African mythology, the creator god of the Shilluk and Nuer people. According to legend, he created the black people from the dirt of the Sudan and brown people from Egyptian sand. Once he became tired of creating people himself, he gave humans sexual reproductive organs so that they could reproduce.

  46. Jurasmate – A Latvian sea goddess.

  47. Jurawadbad – A snake spirit of the Aborigines in northern Australia.

  48. Jurojin – In Japanese mythology, one of the seven Shinto deities of fortune and a god of long life.

  49. Justita – The female goddess of justice in Roman mythology depicted being blindfolded and holding the scales of justice.

  50. Juventas – A Roman goddess of youth.


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