Saturday, December 16

Life, The Way i See it

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Everything in our life happens for a reason. Just because we do not see the motivation of what is happening does not mean thati tdoes not exist. Sooner or later we will understand every aspect of our life purpose, one just have to have patience. And a lot of faith that indeed time will solve them all.

The whole life is a long line of lessons and revelations. But to be able to recognize them, we must pay attention to what is happening around us, we must ask ourselves why is happening what is happening, why some people are in our lives, which are the messages they try to send us, we must look into the substance of things and not  superficially at the surface. We can not go through life with blinders on because we risk losing many of the messages the universe sends us, disguised as people and events. We should not be reticent and reluctant regarding what is around us, because we could lose valuable lessons. We must be open, warm and loving, kind, we must be humans. And if we are not, we can learn to be. Maybe this is the meaning of our existence, we learn to love eachother, to accept us as we are, to look with compassion and understanding to those who are still strugglingin the waters of ignorance and helplessness, so that we ma ygrow spiritually, so that we may discover our divine essence.

Life is wonderful and is a priceless gift. It would be ashame not to consider it in this manner.Let us welcome with enthusiastic joy every new day of our lives, let us smile and life will smile back to us. We have everything we need, established long before, in order to become what we need to become. We don’t miss anything; everything is in you, all the knowledge and love of the universe. Let us remember this, let us remember how wonderful we really are.


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