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Carnival in Brazil (March 4 – 6 )

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Carnival at the Sambodromo in São Paulo starts on March from the 4th to the 6th every night.

Sao Paulo has one of the most organized Carnivals of Brazil. Rio is famous and of course there are the beaches and touristic places… but if you want to enjoy the Carnival of the aveneu Sao Paulo is just the place.


above link – 2010 Unidos do Peruche in the Avenue (São Paulo Sambodromo)

Sao Paulo Samba Schools League defined the order in which the parades will take place.

The order will be, on Friday night:

Unidos do Peruche
Tom Maior
Acadêmicos do Tucuruvi
Rosas de Ouro
Mancha Verde
Pérola Negra.

On Saturday:

Nenê de Vila Matilde
Águia de Ouro
Mocidade Alegre
Unidos de Vila Maria
X-9 Paulistana
Gaviões da Fiel
Império de Casa Verde

On Sunday:

Torcida Jovem
Acadêmicos do Tatuapé
Imperador do Ipiranga
Morro da Casa Verde
Camisa Verde e Branco
Uirapuru da Mooca
Leandro de Itaquera
Dragões da Real

There are many types of Carnivals taking place in Brazil at the same time.

Virtually every city has some sort of Carnival. Of course bigger cities will have bigger parties. The most famous Carnival in Brazil are Rio de Janeiros, Salvador and Recife. In Rio the name of Carnival is Samba School and parades, in Salvador you have the Trio Elétricos that people follow dancing through the streets and in Recife you have some thing similar ot Salvador but the music is the Frevo.  

Those above are street parties more or less organized. Apart from that, you have the Carnivals of the clubs. People pay to enter and whole families go together for four nights and have fun. Some of this club Carnival is more family oriented and other are not so much so. You have to choose what kind of Carnival suites you better.  

One of the most famous is the Gala Gay in Rio. But me and my family used to go to a small club where we all could go. Nowadays I prefer the stree manifestations. There is no more safer place then the Sambodromo during Carnival. The people of the Samba Schools live Carnival and want it to be beautiful to everyone so they don´t want bad things to happen in there show.  

In that last aspect Sao Paulo has a great Sambodromo, more comfortable and with more infrastructure than Rio´s. One good thing you can do is: on Friday you may enjoy Carnival in Sao Paulo (major Samba Schools) Saturday you do that in Rio de Janeiro and Sunday you go to Salvador or Recife, you just can not have the best picture in another way.  I wish I could tag along….


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