Tuesday, December 12

Different Jobs Available In The Video Game Industry

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There are various jobs available in the video game industry. If you have a passion for video games, this might just be the career that you are looking for. Since there are always new video games being released on different platforms (consoles, mobile, PC, web), the companies that produce video games are always on the lookout for talented individuals who can play a part in the creation of a game. The process of creating a game from start to finish involves a lot of teamwork from different people, which explains the number of positions available to candidates. Here is an overview of some of them:

Game Designinvolves the planning and design of certain parts of the video game. Most commonly, it refers to the creation of levels, objects found in the game, as well as both playable and non-playable characters. Those seeking a job in the field of game design need to have an understanding of how various types of video games (like 1st person shooters, RPGs, strategy games, racing games, etc.) work. They also need to have knowledge of graphic and video design tools, as well as programs that are specialized in the production of video game levels.

Game Development involves coding the software that makes the video game run, as well as associated modules and components. It also involves writing the scripts that act as the framework for the video game. Being successful in game programming requires the knowledge of several different programming languages such as C++. Since many games are also being made for mobile or web applications, knowing associated programming languages such as Flash and Java is a significant asset. Another good asset to have is being familiar with some scripting tools that are unique to video games.

Video Game Testing consists of a lot more than just having users playing a few levels of the game and reporting as to whether they liked it or not. Before a game is released to the public, it must be thoroughly tested to make sure that it will function flawlessly. This includes going through every location in every level, and using every object, weapon, character, vehicle, etc. that can be found in a game in many different situations. Video game testing is used to let the company know whether there are no bugs or errors found anywhere in the game that have been missed by the developers. While it is not usually necessary to know how to use any special tools, good overall computer knowledge and a keen sense of observation combined with a meticulous attention to detail are necessary to become a video game tester. Testers that know foreign languages are highly prized in the industry as they can help test video games that are destined for foreign markets and also check to make sure that there are no errors that were made in the translation of the video game from English to the foreign language.


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