Monday, December 18

Where do They Come From.

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The articles and stories don’t just come out of thin air. My ideas for stories come from a wide selection of possibilities.

What I do, is when an idea for a story pops into my mind I write it down. I keep a list at home of the many ideas that I have thought of. I continue to look over the list and sometimes a good story comes out of it. On certain occasions when I go to wrote a story it just doesn’t come across well, I feel if it doesn’t feel right to me then it isn’t going to feel right to the readers.

My list of ideas come from things that have happened in my life, things that have happened in other peoples lives, things I’ve read about or seen on TV. When anything happens, just jot it down and when you get back home add it to your list of possibilities. Everyone has a story to tell that will be interesting to someone else. Each person can come up with hundreds of ideas in a short time.

One of the best pieces of advice that I have ever heard for writers is to write everyday. It is the best way to master your craft. Don’t write a little and then a month or so later write a little more. Writing has to be a passion, something that gets in your blood. It needs to be a driving desire, if you have that desire you can be a success.



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