Friday, December 15

Make Your Decision From Customer Reviews.

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Don’t ever feel bad about checking the reviews first, it may save you from making a bad purchase. After all it is your money that you will be spending, so do it wisely.
The place I always go to first to check the reviews on a product is I purchase many products from them to minor purchases to larger ones. It gets hot in coastal North Carolina in the summer with heat indexes approaching 120 degrees F. I saw on TV a product called an Auto Cool Solar-Powered Ventilation System that is supposed to cool down the inside on your car considerably in hot weather. With temps that give those high heat indexes the inside of a car gets very hot in a short time. This product fits over the window and is supposed to blow the hot air from the inside of the car to the outside.

After looking at the reviews on it made me realize that I was not going to buy this product. They rate the products by customer reviews from a 1 star to a  5 star with 1 being the lowest to 5 being the best. For this product there were 5 people giving a 5 a super rating. However going down the list 8 people gave a 4, 2 people gave a 3, 7 people gave a 2, and an amazing 64 people gave it a 1 star. Many of the reviews were not kind with their words about this product.

I made my decision not to buy something that I would probably regret after reading customer reviews. Always check with other people before you make that decision. Mine wasn’t an expensive product at all and I wouldn’t have been out much money, but now I’m not out any money at all. Always check with other customers to see how they felt about their purchase. is a great place to review almost anything. You can check the reviews on their website even if you plan on purchasing a product somewhere else.



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