Thursday, December 14

A Strange Meeting With Nature.

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I’ve always been an admirer of nature. If it wasn’t for nature this would be a boring world to live in. There would be no birds chirping, no sounds of crickets, and no sound of a bull frog at night.

One morning about a year ago I was working at the church on a Saturday like I always do. This particular Saturday I got a surprising and wonderful meeting with one of nature’s creatures. As I was walking between two buildings, a little bird was chirping high on top of a street light about a hundred feet from where I stood. Just for fun I decided to try to imitate it’s sound. It is something that I often try to do. This particular morning was one of my successes. The bird would chirp, then I chirped. Something we did for a couple of minutes as it was on the street light and I was standing by a tree.

For some strange reason after a couple of minutes it flew toward me and landed on a tree branch no more than ten or twelve feet from where I was standing. I was so surprised, as I was holding a conversation with a little winter wren. I stood perfectly still for the next few minutes as we chatted back and forth. I knew if I made any movement I would probably scare the little bird away.

When I would make a chirping sound it would turn it’s head from side to side. We kept the conversation up for another five minutes before it finally flew away. I often wonder why some animals or birds like to try to communicate with people. Is it because they are curious of us, do they think we really sound like them. Does every bird I call come to me? Of course not, but having only one do it out of fifty or a hundred can be a very rewarding experience.


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