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Big Money in Custom Card Stamping- Learn The Art of Stamping

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Big Money in Custom Card Stamping:-

The concept of Stamping that originated from the early rubber stamping for official and business purposes eventually became popular among children for fancy stamping of projects and papers.  It was the beginning of a creative art form by making use of Rubber stamps on surfaces like cards, Fabrics, glass, plastic or leather.   Stamping is an art and a craft where the ink usually made of dye or of pigment. In some cases liquid wax is applied to the images of pictures or patterns engraved by means of vulcanizing or molded onto the sheet of rubber to make a colored image on the selected surface or medium. The medium so used are wood, metal, fabric, leather plastic, paper or cards according to the need and demand.   Stamps used for creative art forms have been popular in the United States of America for quite some time though these stamps are normally used as children’s toys in Europe and other countries. Such stamps in a variety of designs are plenty available in the United States and used to decorate a variety of objects like paper, cards and Fabrics. Card stamping whether it is greeting cards, cards for specific occasions or even invitation cards has become quite popular in the recent past. It has its unique advantage of getting customs designs and choice of picture or pattern rather than pre designed cards. Stamped cards for any occasion make special appeal and one can add his signature to the card by means of his favorite picture, pattern, or design.  Not only the designs or patterns are unique but also each set or group of cards intended for specific target group or people can be made different according to one’s taste , preference or choice. The cost involved in stamping these cards are much less  when compared to the ready made cards available in the market.  Moreover the color combination that one can choose could make a lasting impression in the mind of the receiver by the personal touch and the message conveyed by the custom made  card .

Special rubber pieces for the purpose of making the stamps are available in the market and one can get the stamps made as per requirements. The prints made from the stamps are considered as a piece of art and it can be used with other components. The range of designs or patterns is determined by the imagination alone of the artist as one can give varying look for the works by means of paints, Dye ink or pigments. Special ink pads are used that allow for embossing  the stamp pads to give the work a multi colored look to make the custom stamped cards unique, beautiful, attractive and less expensive.

There are varieties of method for making attractive cards. The print made out of a large Rubber stamp itself sometimes is a piece of art, however intricate designs are made by a combination of stamps with other art forms or multiple prints from one or different stamps to create the desired picture or scene.

Custom made stamps are preferred by those who give attention to minute details of any work whether it is a simple greeting card or an invitation for a very special occasion in one’s life. It is also because of this very reason the pricing of these cards are not always uniform.

Rubber stamps can be successfully combined with other materials like in the case of embellishment of   image by means of inks, paints or fibers. Adding embellishments to the card make the cards speak your language and a unique piece of art. Creation of embellishments is not too expensive and adds to the quality and look of the card. Normal additions made in the cards are eyelets, brads, buttons, charms, and fibers. Rubber stamping has become a creative craft and its multiple uses are being researched not only in card making but also in gift bags and 3D art forms among other innovations. The card stamping also may be a subject of research and observation in the days to come

The business of custom card stamping offers unlimited opportunity for a creative mind and considering the ever growing demand of the cards in the market immense opportunity exists for the industry to flourish and it is high time that this untapped potential is exploited by the interested and the talented lot.


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