Friday, December 15

Slow Food Habit to Live Hundred Years

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Fast food culture is devouring the whole world, promote by commercialism and consumerism. Today, man has no time even to eat. Hectic schedules forces modern man to eat in a hurry. Breakfast has become a rushed affair, lunch a gulping down of enormous bites and dinner, too, a distracted compulsion of few minutes. But modern man is not aware that fast eating habit, besides affecting health, causes many side effects.

Slow food movement

People of this consumerist era are becoming more and more addicted to fast food. Many Americans include aerated drinks like Coke and Pepsi, fatty food like pizzas and burger in their diet. Fast food habit has increased the risk of several chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, obesity, etc. Began as a resistance movement against all these health hazards, Slow Food Movement is spreading slow eating habits among people, propagating consciousness of local food traditions and the necessity of healthy eating. Carlo Petrini of Italy took the initiative to start this movement.

Globalization promoting fast food

Globalization is promoting fast foods as fast it can throughout the world. Even in India, where home cooking is appreciated much and fast food habit has not rooted yet, foreign companies such as Papa John, Barnie’s, McDonalds, etc. have opened their branches. Youngsters, who are eager to copy the western lifestyle, fall easy victims to the ads of commercialism.

Slow food movement advocating good eating habits

The slow food movement is also teaching people good eating habits. For example, chewing is an important part of eating which is neglected in fast eating. That is why Carlo Petrini always insisted, “Eat slowly, pause and give food time. Too much haste takes the fun out of eating well, like the thought of only sex takes the fun out of the act of making love.”

Although lifestyle in Indian cities is switching to fast food, it has not affected 90% of people since they prefer home cooked food. But unless people are not alerted of the evil consequences of fast food and fast eating, it will be another death toll on the health of future generations. 


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