Monday, December 18

Is That Your Child?

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I have been thinking of late. I have never really appreciated the pain and anxiety  I have unwittingly caused my parents. I have seen so much and I would say I have been lucky because deep down I have always been a ‘goody two shoes’, a moralist in the sense that I’ve been able to discern between good and bad and have almost always taken the high road.  I have always wanted children  but I have never really taken into consideration the responsibilities involved. I  know about taking care of their physical needs but what about their emotional as well as spiritual needs? How do I  shield them from the evil out there? There are so many things out there that would try to steal their souls. How do I protect them from gangsters, violence, drugs, bad influences as well as bad decisions? How do I help them not to repeat their parent’s mistakes without seeming to interfere? How do I bring myself to release them when the time is right? I do not want to be a clinging, overprotective parent but they need to be protected.

Parents, we have to fight for our children. We need to be firm but kind, authority figures as well as friends. We have to give them direction so that other people do not do it in our stead. As I write this, I appreciate my parents more than ever because I know that they were not trying to deliberately make life difficult for me, they were actually looking out for my good. Have you left your children to run wild without discipline because you are scared they would hate you? You do not have to lord it over them, just make some decisions in love and let them understand why you are doing it and it will all work out. Parents, your children are looking up to you. It’s never too late.


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