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Setting Selection Criteria

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Setting selection criteria involves the Select Expert. This Expert makes set­ting criteria straightforward using drop-down lists. The following figures show the blank sample report you created in Chapter 2 and how to add selection criteria to that report. To continue with this exercise, open the sample report before starting the following set of steps. To add selection criteria to a report:

1.    Click the Select Expert toolbar button found in the standard toolbar or click Export, Select Expert. The Choose Field dialog box opens.

2.    Scrolling if necessary, click the field on which to base your selection criteria. For this exercise, select the Country field within the Customers table. Click OK. The Select Expert opens with the name of the field you chose listed as a tab. One drop-down list appears that, by default, .displays the option is any value.

3.    Select a condition from the drop-down list to narrow the selection cri­teria. For this exercise, select themequal to condition. Once yon select anything other than is any value from the list, at least one more drop-down list becomes available. The options in the period and Is not In the period are only available if you are basing selection criteria on a date field.

4.    The second drop-down list contains actual field data from your data source. Type or select a value to complete the selection criteria (some­times not every value from the field appears in the list). For this example, select USA from the list of data.

5.    Click the New tab to add more selection criteria to your report. I am going to set a second selection criterion for this report. Choose the Order Date field from the Orders table. Select them between condition from •the left-most drop-down list. Then, select the January 1, 1997 date in the top list on the left and April 1, 1997 from the bottom list.

6.    Once you have set up a tab for each criterion, click OK to close the Select Expert.


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