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Adding And Removing Databases And Tables

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Once you have a report design started, you can add and delete databases and tables at any time. SCR offers three ways to add or remove databases and/or tables:

•   Using the Add Database to Report and Remove from Report menu commands

•   Using the Visual Linking Expert

•    Right-clicking the table in the Data Explorer and selecting the appro­priate option from the shortcut menu.

Adding Databases and Tables

You can’ add tables to your report from either a data source the report already connects to, or from a different data source. Use the Database, Add Database to Report menu command to open the Data Explorer. From there, you can add or remove tables, or connect to and add a table from a new data source. To add a table to your report, from an existing or new database:

1. Choose Database, Add Database to Report. This opens the Data Explorer.

2. To add a new data source, follow the instructions outlined earlier in this chapter.

3. To add a table from the database you are already using, go to the Cur­rent Connection folder. Double-click to add any more tables that you may need from this data source.

4. Once you close the Data Explorer the Visual Linking Expert opens. You must link any new tables with the existing cables for the data to be available.

When linking tables from different database types you must use a string field as your link field, and you can only use one link (multi-field linking is not allowed). If you are linking tables from two databases of the same type, any field is OK.

You can also add more tables or connect to a new data source from the Visual Linking Expert itself.

1. Open the Visual Linking Expert and click the Add/Remove Tables button, which opens the Choose Tables to Use in Visual Linking dialog box.

2. Click the Add Table button to open the Data Explorer. Select more rabies, or set up or select an additional data source for your report.

3. Once you select and add tables using the Data Explorer, the tables move to the Choose Tables to Use in Visual Linking dialog box. Close theData Explorer.

4. Click OK to close the Choose Tables to Use in Visual Linking dialog box. If the check box was not clear for Perform Smart Linking, SCR returns to the Visual Linking Expert and links your tables for you. If you cleared the Smart Linking check box, you can link the tables your­self in the Visual Linking Expert.


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