Thursday, December 14

IF Only

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I was too self absorbed,

Concerned with Me, Myself and I.

I failed you in everyway possible,

All the signs were there for me to see.

The strain in your voice,

The shift of your eyes,

Your trembling body,

The aura of secrecy.

The mixed signals,

The false sense of security,

The insinuations and double talk,

The doors shut in my face.

The mounting debts,

The late nights,

The hidden packages,

The murderous look in your eyes.

If only I had paid attention,

If only I had listened to my instincts,

If only I had made time for you,

If only I had been a better friend.

Perhaps I would have seen your desperation,

I would have heard your cry for help,

I would have noticed your addiction,

Perhaps you would still be alive.

Now I’m plagued by the thought that

Just a few minutes of my time

Would have made a huge difference.

Saying I am sorry sounds so hollow.

I cannot look your parents in the eye anymore

You were my responsibility and I failed you!

If I could, I would reverse the hand of time.

I have lost a friend and sister and it was my entire fault!


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