Tuesday, December 12

Earning Money Through Photography

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Earning Money Through Photography

There are lots of ways to earn good money through photography.. No matter what experience you have if you can take a reasonably good photo then you are well on your way to making money with your camera.

Stock photography sites can be a great way to earn some extra cash but i would recommend you have a reasonably good camera and that you only upload images which are crisp and clear with good lighting. Images that seem to sell the best are everyday images, for example, images of a laptop, phone or of food items etc. Competition can be fierce with the big stock photography sites so try and join smaller ones and upload as many good images as you can. Another important thing to remember is to tag your images well and add at least 20 keywords to each image. A list of stock photography sites Shutterstock Bigstockphoto Stockxpert Shutterfarm Fotosearch Gettyimages Jupiterimages Dreamstime Punchstock Botanicphotos Microstockphoto Corbis Another way to earn money through photography is by selling your images as cards, prints, t shirts or canvases.. A great website is RedBubble, they do all of the hard work for you so all you have to do is upload your best images, when someone purchases it as a card or print etc you receive a percentage of what it sells for. You can also enter free competitions to win RB vouchers Why not give away images for free to sites like Freerange stock or StockVault and earn adsense revenue from ads around your images? There are plenty of sites where you can upload you images and make them into cards or prints etc, the best sites i have found for this are Photobox and Cafepress.. or why not buy some prints or cards and sell them at local art fairs or on ebay and other auction sites? Magazines need a constant supply of images.. Do you research and learn what types of images sell the best. Send small to medium images to the picture editor and be sure to add a description with each image. Why not start your own photography website? You could sell computer wallpapers, cards, prints and other things.. If photography is something that you are really serious about and interested in then why not take a short photography course.. There are lots of ways to make a proper living through photography such as taking photos of properties for letting and estate agents or starting up your own photography business doing portrait and wedding photography.


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