Friday, December 15

Does India Need Women Professionals?

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Does India need women professionals ?

Don’t take me to be a maverick of sorts. I am not one. On the contrary, I am very much a down to Earth realist. Do lend your ears to what I have to say even if it hurts you.

I could not get the authoritative figure of the unemployed population in India. It has to be derived indirectly. Statisticians say that one third of the Indian population fall under the age group of 18-35. Taking our current population to be 1010, the 18-35 would be, 337 million. One statement says that 50% of the 18-35 age group are unemployed. This works out to half of 337 million is, or 169 million. Of this, let’s remove fifty percent being the women population. That leaves the unemployed male population as 85 million. This is a staggering number, isn’t it?

Does it occur to you that these 85 millions are the future bread winners who would feed 3 extra mouths besides himself, assuming a man produces two children.

All political parties have been vying with each other pleading for job reservation for women.. You are aware of the demand for 33 1/3 % reservation for women. Kindly answer me: By giving a job to ONE woman, how many mouths is she going to feed? Think again. The answer is NONE. She is a married woman and her husband is feeding her and her two children. At best, her income would enhance the husband’s income by about 10% and that’s all. No feeding of any extra mouths. What have we achieved by giving a job to a woman? Have we solved the unemployment problem? None whatsoever.

And we go and recruit women in the Defence services, Border security and other para military forces and in every department. What for? In any engineering and other professional colleges, 50% are women. Why? By giving them the professional qualification, aren’t we indirectly telling them to compete with men and grab their chances? Do the women really want a job? If anything, they want a husband, an earning husband, don’t they?

We need not question their competence ever. They are as competent as men in any field. We don’t have to give them a job to substantiate that truth at the expense of men. We must remember that a woman getting a job means a man is deprived of that opportunity.

For the next 100 years, let’s have a policy of keeping women away from any kind of profession any where barring certain employments like Nurses, Lady doctors and such jobs which could be executed only by women.

But under no circumstances should they ever encroach into the men’s domain. Jobs must be provided only for men in all fields. We may revise the policy when every eligible man is employed in the land. Possibly a stage may come that sufficient men may not be available for all the ongoing jobs in the country and that’s the time to tap the women population.

This is what many countries did during World War II. Men went for war and women took over the duties in industries, offices and other fields.

Russia found itself short of men after World War II and they inducted women in all possible fields including as Mining engineers. Even today there is an imbalance of Men to Women ratio in Russia. But this is not the case in majority of the nations. At least not so in India.

Education they must have but not the high profile variety. Graduation in Art or Science is more than enough for a woman to be able to help her husband and coach her children. She doesn’t have to go and earn in addition to her primary responsibility of administering a home. It’s an extra burden on her, isn’t it?

God created Woman to be a helper to a Man and producer of children and of course to run a home. Her role is nothing else.

An appeal to the Indian MPs is: for the sake of garnering votes for yourself, please don’t join the 33% reservation band Apply your mind on how to employ a Man [in fact, your own son(s)]when he is fit to do any kind of work.

I feel, that is the primary task of any Democratic government.


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