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Accident Compensation – The Importance Of Solicitors If You Have An Accident At Work

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There are many steps you should follow when an accident takes place at your work. Here are five basic steps you should follow, which will help you to get our accident compensation faster. Keep evidence of your injury in the accident book.

All employers, except some small companies should keep an accident book. As an employee of the company, it is essential to record your work injury in this book, as it will help you get your accident compensation faster. It becomes good evidence when we claim later date. This book is also used to keep a record of employer’s problems and to make some changes to prevent future accidents.

Inform HSE if some serious accidents take place.

If a serious accident takes place, the employer should report it immediately to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) centre. Major injuries such as broken arms and ribs, damage to brain or any other injury which prevents an employee from doing his normal work should be reported in HSE. Reporting in HSE is a major evidence of an accident and one can get his accident compensation soon.

Find you rights to accident pay

The information about sick pay or accident pay of an employer can be found out in his contract or in any written statement. Mostly employees are free to legal sick pay for any time off work due to sickness or accident. Sometimes, depending upon the nature of the damage caused to you, he might choose to pay you some extra amount or a system of paying an additional amount is made by him.

Consider any health and safety matters

A continuous health and safety issue which caused your accident should be rectified so as to prevent it from causing a similar kind of damage to someone else. Discuss health and safety issue with the employees. If any problem occurs regarding the accident compensation you should contact HSE immediately.

Factors to be consider in making a work accident claim

If an accident takes place at work and if it’s not your fault, then one must claim for the accident compensation as soon as possible and it must be within two years from the date of the accident. For claiming, you will need a lawyer to represent you. Accident compensation claims can be made through special solicitors on a no win no fee basis, that means even if you lose the case you will not have pay them any money, but this happens very rarely. The employer will be insured against the accident compensation claim that means even if they lose; it is their responsibility to pay you your compensation. It is against the law for your employer to fire you because of any injury claim.

Accident can leave you with some serious injuries that would need money to cure them. So you should follow all the above rules in order to get your accident compensation immediately and in simple way.

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