Tuesday, December 12

The Raymond Davis Case! Part 1

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Raymond Davis an American citizen having a diplomatic passport and business visa was cruising around the roads of Lahore, the second largest city Lahore till he came across two motor cyclists who according to Davis tried to pull him over in order to rob or kill him. Davis quickly took out his beretta pistol loaded with a full magazine and fired on the motor cyclists from inside the car and managed to kill them both on spot. While this was a nice act of self defense there are few very important questions that cannot be ignored before we arrive at any verdict of Davis’s innocence. 

Raymond Davis was arrested moments later by Lahore police as he rushed away from the crime scene, not to mention crushing another motor cyclist during the process. American embassy quickly claimed Davis as their employee and his action as an act of self defense and asked for his immediate release. The incident created a new wave of anger among the masses who are already not happy with the US drones attacks taking place in the northern areas of the country killing 100s on daily basis.

Their are many questions that quickly rose in my mind as i was watching the incident on the news. Carrying weapons in Pakistan is a big deal, you need to have a license prior to purchasing any type of firearms. The license is issued after a long process and per case evaluation of the applicant by the home ministry. License to carry weapons is even more lengthier and involves greater complications but above all it can only be issued to permanent residents of Pakistan. So there is no way Raymond could have legally owned or carry the berreta pistol he used. Diplomats are provided with security guards so that they don’t need to worry about their safety. But Mr. Davis very keenly took a foreign country’s law in his hands and shot 7 bullets in the middle of a crowded road. Mr Davis had a diplomatic passport but he had a business visa instead of a diplomatic visa. Diplomatic Visas are issued to people working at consulate in foreign countries. Diplomatic passport on the other hand can be owned by any serving or ex diplomat and has no significant importance until unless it is stamped with a diplomatic visa. This proves the false claim by the US consulate’s claim of Davis as their employee. 

So who was Davis? why did he shoot those guys ?? ….stay tuned for second part! 


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