Monday, December 11

Law of Attraction: Allowing

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Part of the receiving process is to feel as if you have already received it, and then you shall have it. It may instantly appear on your doorstep or you may have an inspiration to take action in Joy.

Inspired joyful action feels just like that, inspired. Taking action with an excited  heart instead of head;

“I know I have to do this in order to receive that.”

Not inspired!

By holding the thought and feeling of what you want to attract, what you want will be attracted to you and you to it. That is why it is commonly called The Law of Attraction, and not The Law of Action. If you are grudgingly performing a task because in your mind you think it is either the only way or the obvious way to produce results, then you are missing the mark entirely.

You can start with nothing and out of nothing, out of no way, a way will be made. Micheal B. Beckwith

Stressing over something puts out negative vibrations which in turn brings back negative results. So in order to receive what you are wanting, you must first maintain the feeling of having it, remove doubts while maintaining a positive and joyful state of mind which in produces positive results.

What you wanted is already on order and requires no further attention from you except your belief in it. Allowing it to happen is therefore the absence of resistance. By not offering any contradictory thoughts the natural attraction process can quickly and efficiently bring you and your desire together.

So why then should we do affirmation statements, vision boards, meditations and imaginations?

These practices assist us in the belief process. We must be able to feel as if we are already in the possession of our desire and not in the feeling of missing or lacking it. This can be difficult if your present reality is far different than your desired reality, and by removing yourself daily from this unwanted reality is an efficient way of doing it.

Our minds don’t know the difference between fantasy and reality. So, even a few minutes per day is enough time to start the attraction process rolling.

Remember, Resistance is Futile.

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