Sunday, December 17

Law of Attraction: Alignment

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There are basic steps to the manifestation process. First you must have a desire, secound you bring yourself into alignmant with that desire and finally, immediately preceding the receipt of your manifestation, you must allow it to happen without resistence.

We’ve already learned, (Go back to Summary of The Secret part one), that a simple request for something is enough to begin the process as long as your focus of attention is on the feeling of having it, not the lack of having it.

We have aslo discussed the extreme position of misalignment through the feeling of depression. Now, lets talk a look at regular day to day life where we must recognize and adjust often.

When we are in perfect alignment with our source self, our manifestations come quickly, easily and nearly seamlessly. To figure out if you are in alignment with your desire become aware of how you feel. Alignment and joy are synonamous with each other. If you can state with certainty that you are in possession of your desire then you are in alignment with it.

Synchronicity and signs are the evidence of your manifestation’s energy signature and proof of your alignment with your source self. Get excited your desire is a reality, seeing it isn’t necessary, feeling it is.

On the other hand, a misalignment will feel bad and can show up as colds, headaches, accidents, unwanted manifestations and negative feelings from you or towards you. Its time to get back to your foundation and begin again with greater commitment.

As these little negative ‘vibes’ show themselves look purposefully at them and recognize thier purpose, which is to show you what you are currently manifesting. Pull out your index cards, (you have some right?), with your affirmation statements on it and recite it to yourself. Reset your focus on the prize.

Now let go of the negative event, it served its purpose. You’ve readjusted and things will be set straight once again. Its no biggie, keep going forward with excitement because eventhough the by-products showed as a negative it is still a by-product. Stuff is happening! Jump off from the negative signature and utilize the energy from it to produce greater and faster results.

This is all supposed to be fun remember?

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