Thursday, December 14

Law of Attraction: Thought Control

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Having control over your thoughts on a day to day basis is really what the loa is all about. This may seem impossible at first, especially if you have chaos when you close your eyes, or a well established habit of random thoughts. When you get angry and your thoughts seem to take over you need to learn to control them.

The first step in taking control over your mind is to completely understand who you are and where you stand in a non-physical stand point. This view gives you the foundation you need to build upon.

We are non-physical energies held within a physical shell for the purpose of experiencing contrast and to contribute to the expansion of our non-physical selves and the universe as we know it.

Our minds and physical senses have the task of inputting and translating the data we acquire throughout our physical lives. The data is input through our senses and stored inside our minds. As we sleep we are no longer downloading information but uploading it into our subconscious and to our spirit self.

Maintaining discipline within your conscious mind is vital to ordering the importance of events you are translating. If you continually throw junk into your mind without discipline you will find yourself with racing, chaotic thoughts that will not automatically turn off when you want them to.

The process of downloading data would be so much easier if we didn’t have to contend with emotions. Emotions are a necessary part of the process. The data we are acquiring is worthless without the emotion that is attached to it. This is what makes each of us unique and our input important.

Controlling your thoughts and lives by suppressing your emotions is as effective as controlling your logic through them. They can only make sense when they work together.

The first step is by calming your chaotic mind through the practice of meditation. This isn’t as easy as you may expect. Try to think about nothing at all for fifteen minutes. Learning meditation is vital, comparatively it is like dog training school, hard at first but worth all the effort.

The next step is to acknowledge your emotional responses in a third party view. There is always a reason for the feeling and a better feeling is your goal. For two to five minutes several times throughout your day, focus on only your breath and feel it as it circulates through your body. If thoughts randomly popup think the word, “Shhh” to yourself and continue gently to breath.

Do this in addition to an evening full meditation. Spend a couple of minutes focused on your affirmation. This daily ritual is discipline for your mind. Give your mind a break during the day as well as take it outside to play, with puzzles, games and imagination.

Directing your thoughts on a regular basis and caring for your mind should be considered highly important. Fussing, planning, doing and thinking all the time will not be healthy in the long run. Relax on purpose. It’s not a complicated process but it does take commitment of less than thirty minutes per day.

Well worth it.  


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