Wednesday, December 13

How To Handle Asthma During Pregnancy

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The urine and blood pressure of a pregnant woman must also be closely monitored so that if there are any significant or alarming changes, medical intervention or medication can be given as soon as possible. Ultrasounds are also needed so that the mother-to-be and the doctors can be sure that the baby inside the womb is developing and growing normally.

The treatment of asthma in pregnant women is actually quite similar to the treatment of those who are not pregnant. Close monitoring of the medical condition is needed, especially since having asthma during pregnancy is considered high risk. The function of the lungs of pregnant women should be checked every now and then and can be done by performing a lung function test with the use of a peak flow meter.

The health of the mother-to-be should not be the only focus. The baby’s movements should be taken note of, because if there are any abnormalities in the movements of the baby, an obstetrician must be contacted immediately to prevent complications or dire medical conditions.

Perhaps the simple yet most sensible step in preventing asthma from getting worse is by avoiding the triggers. Pregnant women who have asthma should submit themselves for a check-up with an asthma specialist so that they can determine what are the specific triggers that might cause an asthma attack. By knowing the triggering factor(s) of an asthma attack, pregnant women can avoid from them so that there are less complications for her and for the baby.


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