Tuesday, December 12

Ignore Fake Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

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It makes sense when patients buy cheaper drugs instead of expensive counterparts just as long as the quality is the same. It also makes sense to read customer reviews of the medicines to be bought and the company from which you are going to purchase them from. With the growing popularity of Canadian pharmacy online, there also arose the popularity of fake reviews. The cause may boil down to Canadian pharmacy online grabbing a big share of the market. There are companies that are not happy about it and thus perpetuated fake reviews to discredit such Canadian pharmacies.

Most of the reviews are directed toward Americans. Typically, the review would be a negative one and the reviewer pretends to have been a victim of a certain online Canadian pharmacy. They usually warn Americans to stay away from Canadian pharmacies and advise potential customers to buy from a US based organization such as VIPPS or NABP. Whoever perpetuated such reviews have one sole thing in mind- to direct customers away from cheap Canada drugs and buy expensive American brands.

The public should be entitled to buy cheap alternative drugs and Canada drugs are one of the best in the industry. Canada drugs are safe to use contrary to fake reviews. These drugs have been screened by the Canadian government. Why should you pay for steep prices for drugs that have generic equivalents and have the same effect? Some brands are expensive not because they are more effective. It’s just that pharmaceuticals spent so much on advertising that they want to gain back their money by passing the expenditures to the consumers.

Although there may be some fake Canadian pharmacies out there, spotting them is not

impossible. Fake Canadian pharmacies are usually the ones that offer prescription drugs at very low prices without any prescription. These scammers usually send emails to different people and sure enough, they get responses. Most of the victims are from the United States and most of them usually drive to Canada to buy cheap medication. Canada is not a third world country and drugs made here are considered safe that is why many scammers pretend to be in Canada.

A sure way to spot a genuine Canadian pharmacy is by checking out the seals that they display on their website. Be on the lookout for seals or organizations that are nonexistent. One of the fakes that you may find is the Canadian International Drug Association or CIDA which was copied from a trusted certifying body which is the Canadian International Pharmacy Association or CIPA. Their logos have similarities and some illegitimate companies just edit the CIPA logo and change the P to D. You should also look out for an organization named American Drug Administration or ADA. This is another fake group and its logo was inspired by the FDA logo.

Before you drop the idea of buying from a Canadian pharmacy, think of the costs that you can save. Buy from a trusted company- those that have secure websites to take your personal information and have licensed pharmacists.

Our Canadian online pharmacy service can provide you with savings of up to 90% on all your medication needs. We help connect you to a fully licensed Canadian pharmacy that can fill your medication order at the lowest possible price.


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