Thursday, December 14

Stop! In The Name Of Love: Freeing The Imprisoned Soul

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Stop! Before you schedule that date and step out with that guy or girl make sure you have looked in the mirror and have that love affair with yourself. Ladies and gentlemen it is time to examine your strengths and weaknesses when dealing with your ability to love. When it comes to love  ask yourself this question. Have I H.A.D? Hard work and dedication (H.A.D) are a very big part of love. Many of us feel we are going to buy those flowers, make dinner reservations and have the night cap and we are on our way! Well, let’s think again.

I have noticed that many of my associates  feel  they have a key that fits every lock.  They go on date after date and walk in and out of every hotel and call themselves lovers. Sadly, they feel as though they are experienced. However, deep down inside they know they are challenged. I know they tell me that she really loved the sex or that he was such the night and shining armor. But rarely to they evaluate their performance. It is amazing how red they get when I ask them how are things with that lady they took out. They say everything is smooth but their soul screams out, “WHY WON’T HE/SHE PICK UP THE PHONE WHEN I CALL?”  It’s really simple, they know they will never have an intimate moment with that person again. Furthermore, they know it’s probably their fault.

It is really embarrassing when your are living the single life not dedicated to anyone while the guy who is married has more game than you do.  They guy or girl with the wedding ring seems to be the choice of most men and women for one simple reason. They are dedicated. Amazingly, they can be married and divorced a thousand times over and pin down a mate much quicker than any neighborhood player. These men and women get up each and every morning and tell themselves the truth. They constantly remind themselves of how important it is to love somebody other than their self. The very thought of selfish love makes their stomach turn. I mean to think that there are still people out there that think it is all about them.

This holiday is for all of those dedicated lovers out there. The people who know how to admit they cannot make it alone. Unselfish enough to consider the needs and ignore the wants for the well being of the commitment. Dedicated enough to make family plans before they put a ring on it. Planning the future before the wedding because they understand that love is vision that begins in the soul and then becomes a twinkle in the eye. As a man that has been dedicated to my lover for 14 years my soul remains content that I have learned more about myself and my lady. So, If were to end tomorrow  I will never be selfish enough to say that I will never love again.

I wish you well this Valentine’s Day and I hope that your soul sings a happy song. Make sure that you can look into the mirror the morning after your dates and acknowledge yourself as a player of a new game that goes by the name of love.       


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