Monday, December 18

The Prayer

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Father God, We bless and honor your Holy and righteous name. There is none like you in Heaven, earth or under the earth. We thank you for sending the helper which is the Holy Spirit; to lead and direct us in all of our ways. We will always love and trust you every second of our lives. We are so glad that you sent Jesus to pay the price for all, not just for the righteous but for everyone in the world because we all have committed sin. When we don’t offer a worthy praise or prayer to you the way that we should please forgive us. We are so glad that we hear this sweet still voice in our hearts that says I know that you have done the best that you could and I thank you for believing in my only begotten son. We would like you to place a hedge of protection around the world and for the leaders of all your countries. We also know that every thing that is happening in Egypt is part of the genuine plan that you designed before the foundation of the world. We all love and adore you for all that you have done and again we would like to thank you for sending your only son. God we know that you have all power in your hand and that you will always protect us from the enemy Satan. There are so many religions and so many different names to describe you but we believe and trust that through your son Jesus we will all return back to you. Finally God if there is any sin that we committed against our neighbor we ask you to forgive our sin through our Savior.



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